To tweet or not to tweet

As I was sitting in our staff room today eating lunch, someone said “I don’t know anyone else on Twitter except Matt”. First thought was that’s rude, I like twitter. My second thought, you clearly don’t understand the implications that it has had on society since it’s inception. The people that use Twitter to post about what they eat and the cute dog they saw at the park are one thing. I use the social media platform for a whole other level.

I’ve connected with celebrities, learned about news first hand before news channels, connected with local companies, and promoted my own job and career. Oh and landed a job interview from a direct message! Let’s see your TV and rotary dial phone do that!

My rant is just that I don’t get why people bash something they don’t know anything about or understand? Especially when it’s something so vast as Twitter, where mentions of it are everywhere!

Social media is a growing medium, that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Twitters upcoming IPO was thought to be released today, sending “Tweeter” stock up 1000% today because people thought it was Twitters IPO! Clearly the demand is there, so get on the band wagon or get left behind!

Rant over