Businesses rise and fall and rise again

Everyone is ripping on Apple as of lately, saying that they are blowing it, and Steve Jobs was the only visionary. While Mr Jobs was very much a visionary and brought back Apple from the depths to the massive corporation it is now, it wasn’t just him. Businesses go through cycles, just as demand rises and falls, so does success. Apple may be slumping in sales a little bit, but that is normal for any company. Everyone loves to jump on the bandwagon and bash Apple (see here). One must remember though that Samsung, Apples biggest competitor, went through the same thing. As the laws of physics state, what goes up must come down. As one company rises, one company falls and vise versa. Samsung profits have steadily declined in 2010 and 2011, two years that Apple was in its prime. It’s not a coincidence it’s just business.

So all you naysayers jumping on the post Steve Jobs bashing Apple, it’s a business cycle. Apple will soon start gaining its traction back and prices will rise. It’s simple business, so stop blaming Apple for not knowing what they’re doing.