Instragram VS Vine, is it really a debate?

It’s hard to talk about a topic based on two apps that are fairly new in the world of social media. Vine being the newest of the two of course, a short six-second video app that can have some hilarious outcomes! Instragram on the other hand has a lot more to it, filters, effects and just an overall general following! Why is that? Well for one, Instargram has a significant backing after they got bought out by Facebook($1B payout, that shit cray), and they’ve been around longer. But really, there’s just more to do with it! Sharing pictures, commenting, filtering, adding effects. The addition of video is a whole other beast, and at 15 seconds it more than doubles Vine. That’s why I don’t get the reason for a debate, Vine makes quick funny videos you share with your friends, because really, in six seconds, what can you do? The two although may seem relatable, both having video capabilities, I believe they are two different apps meant for different purposes. My TV and the stereo in my Jeep both have LCD screens, but I’m not going to start watching The Real World in my car!