iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner?


As I was drinking my morning coffee on my day off today I stumbled across some new iPhone rumours. For all you Apple geeks and tech nerds like myself, this is like the first winter swell at pipeline for Jamie O’Brien.

The rumour is that the new iPhone, will have a fingerprint scanner built into the home button. In order for this to work, apparently Apple will have to make the home button a concave shape instead of convex. That way the parts needed to scan a fingerprint can fit. Apparently according to Mac Rumors website, this is the new wave in mobile phones. My question is, at what price will this new technology come, and is it necessary?

Think about what you have on your cell phone now. Contacts, photos, maybe your banking app, but that’s a secure app anyways, oh and Angry Birds. Is there a huge security threat when you lose your phone? Maybe, but with the Apple Find iPhone app, you can wipe it clean anyways. What’s the need for an expensive piece of technology, when one click from iTunes can swipe a phone if it’s lost? As for people getting on your phone, just put a pass code on it. I for one can’t see how a finger print scanner will make it onto the iPhone 5S, just seems to be a bit much.

The cost I would also assume goes up undoubtedly with such a technology built into it. The phone is already priced high, yet I still buy the newest one every time. This time though I’ll be taking a second look, because I have a feeling we’ll be seeing this price rise up with all the new features plus iOS7 going into it as well.  I’m still an avid apple fan, and look forward to seeing what happens with this rumour, but in the back of my mind I can’t seem to wrap my head around this idea.

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