iOS 7!

Just a quick update as its a hectic week before I take off on a vacation. But what kind of blog would I run if I didn’t talk about apples new Sir Ivey created operating system!

When should you upgrade? I remember when iOS 5 and 6 came out, the wait times, download times, and bugs of course. I am one of those that wants to be the first to download it, I know I’ll probably regret that as it will stall and fail and I’ll be frustrated as the servers become overloaded. Yet I’ll do it anyways, like millions of others. I suggest to most to probably just wait a few days, and do it when it will take 30 minutes instead of 4 hours ha. I don’t agree with the people that say wait a few weeks and wait for the bugs to he settled and they release 7.01, who can wait that long! Certainly no one that cares about the latest and greatest!

As I take it all in and suffer with all the others for the first few weeks I’ll update all you readers!

Keep calm and iOS on! (I just made up that lame pun)