Apple iPhone Event live!

For all of you who didn’t receive an invite to the media every at one infinite loop, follow the live blog for up to date information!

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One day I hope to get the all important invite for one of these iPhone or Apple in general events!


Apple sends out it’s Sept 10 iPhone event!


Let the mayhem and rumours fly! Love when people start breaking down the invite and what it means. Do the circles represent the finger print scanner? What do the colours represent? Why is one circle bigger than the other? What do they mean by “everyone’s” day!

We’ll all just have to wait and see and read the live blogs!

Buying followers isn’t for me!


As many of you do, I log in to my Twitter account a few times a day, scan through my feed and read funny, sad, informative and sometimes inspiring tweets. I follow those that interest me, those that I admire and some that are just plain funny.

It seems though that the landscape is changing. As an avid twitter’r, I like to post things that I hope will get a reaction from people, maybe even a reply or retweet, or at the very least a favourite? I’m seeing a change now though, as my twitter feed is becoming spammed with promoted posts. For example, I just went on and under “similar to follow” I was greeted by the founder of the DIVA network and relationship and intimacy expert? *See above picture* Not sure what Twitter thinks about me, but that really doesn’t sound like me? Just ask my girlfriend, I’m no relationship expert! Therefore my concern for promoted posts is two fold…

1) Why am I being told about things that don’t interest me? The algorithm for choosing who receives what promoted posts and promoted accounts seems to be quite off. It reminds me of the recommended channels on TIVO! I can understand the odd weird promoted account, but I don’t think I’ve said “why yes I do want to follow that account!” ever! Twitter needs to fix up this part of its business model, because those that pay to have their account promoted, won’t like that it seems to be random accounts that they’re promoting too.

2) Is anyone else mad at the idea of promoting posts and accounts? I get that it’s simple, you pay for your account or post to get a big audience. What about those that have worked hard to provide their followers with relative info, or useful info, and gained a following “the old fashion way”. This new way of promoting is good for those that can afford it. I for one am not a fan of it though, I think it takes away from the good ol days when in order to go viral you need good content. Yes many still find ways to gain lots of retweets, but I think now that social media is growing so much, companies are now paying for retweets. I think it defeats the purpose of content is king.

Overall, even as I manage the social media for a hotel group, I still don’t believe in paying to promote. Our executive team just recently made me add a content creator from a SEO management company, to have access to the Facebook pages. I’ve seen a difference in how many accounts each post on reaches, but does it have any ROI? Am I just really honing in on my audience and what they like to see and that’s why more likes are aspiring? Or, does it have nothing to do with the content, and we’re just paying for likes? I’m going with the first option…

What are your thoughts on promoted posts? Are you getting a proper ROI, or are you just a great content creator?

How to become a social media wizard…without the wand

How do I become successful when starting out in social media? How do I gain more followers on twitter? Why can’t I get more likes on Facebook? These are the age-old questions…kind of. Social media is pretty new to the marketing scene and can’t quite yet be claimed as “age-old” but you get the point. The idea is that people want to gain followers, likes, retweets, comments, anything so they can measure they’re success. The answer to all that is audience. You have to know you’re viewers, likers, commenters, followers, and what they want to learn about.

I run a social media & technology blog for example, therefore I would think those that follow me have an interest in social media and technology. My blog posts are all related to these topics, and therefore those that follow me will hopefully become engaged and comment and share my thoughts and ideas. We may even exchange ideas, and keep the conversation going. I always love to learn new things, and maybe someone reading a post has some insight into the post, I would hope they would share that with me and those that also read it. Each of my followers share a common interest with me, and I like to keep my posts specific to these interests. If I started jumping around on topics, posting about Justin Bieber and his naked photo in front of his grandma, I’d maybe get a few likes, but I’m not getting the engagement out of my audience that I want. In order for you to gain AND retain(yes I ryhmed) followers and likers, you have to stick to your topics you know. Your followers will come to expect posts, and will keep coming back for more. You have to keep your content fresh, but also relevant. Once again, Justin Bieber naked in front of his grandma, creepy, weird and clearly not relevant to my blog, I’d assume I would lose some of my followers and gain some negative feedback from that.

I also would like to mention that I am interested in social media and tech myself, I am knowledgable about it and study it. I don’t study the science behind pop star PR stunts, and therefore won’t write about them, although that probably would be fascinating. To be successful, one must have a vested interest in the topics they write about, or the ideas and posts won’t come about properly and your mass following will never come to fruition.

If you follow these simple rule of consistency and interest, you’ll be on the path to mass followings! Happy blogging everyone!


iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner?


As I was drinking my morning coffee on my day off today I stumbled across some new iPhone rumours. For all you Apple geeks and tech nerds like myself, this is like the first winter swell at pipeline for Jamie O’Brien.

The rumour is that the new iPhone, will have a fingerprint scanner built into the home button. In order for this to work, apparently Apple will have to make the home button a concave shape instead of convex. That way the parts needed to scan a fingerprint can fit. Apparently according to Mac Rumors website, this is the new wave in mobile phones. My question is, at what price will this new technology come, and is it necessary?

Think about what you have on your cell phone now. Contacts, photos, maybe your banking app, but that’s a secure app anyways, oh and Angry Birds. Is there a huge security threat when you lose your phone? Maybe, but with the Apple Find iPhone app, you can wipe it clean anyways. What’s the need for an expensive piece of technology, when one click from iTunes can swipe a phone if it’s lost? As for people getting on your phone, just put a pass code on it. I for one can’t see how a finger print scanner will make it onto the iPhone 5S, just seems to be a bit much.

The cost I would also assume goes up undoubtedly with such a technology built into it. The phone is already priced high, yet I still buy the newest one every time. This time though I’ll be taking a second look, because I have a feeling we’ll be seeing this price rise up with all the new features plus iOS7 going into it as well.  I’m still an avid apple fan, and look forward to seeing what happens with this rumour, but in the back of my mind I can’t seem to wrap my head around this idea.

Link to the original article here


Red Bull-The pinnacle of social media marketing

If you’re looking to start promoting your company online, and need some advice or need some inspiration, look at Red Bull’s Youtube channel!

Now yes they’re a massive multi-million dollar corporation that has their own production company, but they still have to promote it. I have probably watched 3/4 of the videos on the channel, and each one is inspiring and awesome. The videos all follow famous athletes in their respected fields as they go about their careers. You’ll just see the dueling bulls in the background in every other shot just so you don’t forget what they’re trying to sell. The point is, RedBull has used the YouTube medium to it’s fullest extent. They understand that a drink on it’s own is kinda boring, but when combining they’re name with any extreme sport that must be seen to understand, is a winning combination.

The company has become synonymous with extreme sports, and has taken a very visual social media marketing medium, to enhance it’s image. This is probably the best use of a social media medium for a company in my opinion.

Take a look, watch some videos, and tell me what you think?