Pay your bar bill from your phone


Being 5’8″ in a bar has always had its disadvantages. I’ve perfected a great technique of using both elbows, squeezing up to a bar, and ordering drinks. But once there, getting the bartenders attention away from the three girls at the end with shirts my 12 year old cousin would find small, is another order. I found a great way to save hassle when dealing with cash and paying for drinks is to just start a tab. But this can get expensive very fast, and after a few to many drinks there’s a good chance the three girls at the end of the bar are more important than making sure you get your credit card back. You then have to go back the next day and pick it up, and review your bill through very hungover eyes and not question what’s on it because you can’t remember at all!

Well it seems two very smart gentleman have realized this sort of story happens often, and they did something about it! Dash is an app that allows you to pay your bar tab straight from your phone, saving the hassle of battling for attention at the bar and at the same time easily keeping track on your bill. Come August this little app will become available in the App Store, with restaurants in New York already signed up. The expansion plan seems to be major u.s cities as of right now, but I for one see the potential for university bars! You can spend less time battling it out at the bar, and more time trying to find the confidence to talk to that girl with the shirt that see seemed to borrow from her favourite doll.

See more about DASH here


The iPad Square

The iPad Square

This “Square” product itself was a revolution. Allowing small business to receive fast easy payments through the swipe of a credit card, attached to the earphone jack of a cell phone! Well now the company behind the product has up’d the ante, making a full on cash register for the 21st century! What small company wouldn’t want this, its simple, easy and freakin cool looking!

I’ll take “polls” for $1000 Alex!

A good article on the advantages of adding feedback from your followers on social media for your business. Facebook has made it very easy to add features that allow a business to ask questions to its followers, in doing so, gaining valuable information. This also helps when developing and rolling out new products and services, you can ask about features and gain feedback beforehand!

The hardest part about adding a poll for your followers to respond to, is gaining responses. The wording of a question will make or break the amount of responses you’ll receive. The article gives three great examples of marketing strategies that use polls, and the way they word their questions.

Share your comments about what you would like to ask your followers, and if you have used any sort of poll in your marketing strategy?

Read the article here


Instragram VS Vine, is it really a debate?

It’s hard to talk about a topic based on two apps that are fairly new in the world of social media. Vine being the newest of the two of course, a short six-second video app that can have some hilarious outcomes! Instragram on the other hand has a lot more to it, filters, effects and just an overall general following! Why is that? Well for one, Instargram has a significant backing after they got bought out by Facebook($1B payout, that shit cray), and they’ve been around longer. But really, there’s just more to do with it! Sharing pictures, commenting, filtering, adding effects. The addition of video is a whole other beast, and at 15 seconds it more than doubles Vine. That’s why I don’t get the reason for a debate, Vine makes quick funny videos you share with your friends, because really, in six seconds, what can you do? The two although may seem relatable, both having video capabilities, I believe they are two different apps meant for different purposes. My TV and the stereo in my Jeep both have LCD screens, but I’m not going to start watching The Real World in my car!