#FOMO-GQ’s guide to saving yourself from social media’s downfall

#FOMO-GQ’s guide to saving yourself from social media’s downfall

GQ has written a hilarious article on the social disorder known as FOMO- “Fear Of Missing Out”. Now for some this sounds like a joke, but for others it is definitely reality. As I study social media regularly, I tend to be quite connected and like to think I’m up to date on lots of news worthy items. I knew that Kate and William had a baby boy without turning on a TV or even leaving my work desk. I just scanned twitter and BAM….Baby Prince was born. I also just took a three day mini vacation up to the cottage and put all internet devices away during the day, and didn’t worry at all. I therefore don’t suffer from the aformentioned #FOMO. The fact is though, social media and this connectivity at your finger tips, although helpful most of the time, can be detrimental. People now have a need to have an internet connection! I work at a hotel, and we just recently made our wireless access complimentary within the past year. Prior to this we would have enraged guests screaming at us that they had to pay. Meanwhile I’m thinking, you’re on vacation, some only for one night, take a break!

If you suffer from #FOMO then follow the link to guide yourself back into reality!


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