Social Media-the new information super highway

Being a social media addict I came across a funny link today on the #googledown hashtag that appeared when google in fact “went down”. A lot of the funny tweets using the hashtag referred to the fact that consumers had no where to gain info, or answer questions they had! Many said since google was down, they turned to Twitter or Facebook. I found this very interesting, I thought to myself maybe social media is taking over from regular websites that still litter the World Wide Web.

My first example is that of the hotel guest. As the social media manager for my hotel chain, I myself get many requests and questions about the resorts and hotels our guests are coming too. These questions range from dinner reservations to engagement proposal requests. Many of the inquiries can easily be found on our website, but I find people are more and more turning to social media to ask these questions. This confuses me as the website itself is very easy to navigate, but also pleases me as it shows my social media efforts are having an impact with our customers!

My second example is from my own experiences in gaining info about products and companies. As I planned a trip to Florida for my girlfriend and myself I tweeted a few different companies and hotels to get info on different things. I could of googled each website and browsed the websites to gain all the info. Being the social media nerd I am though I tweeted and Facebooked my way to answers, and that’s what I got, including a discounted hotel rate thanks to a friendly hotel Facebook page!

I believe the reason for this move from website to social media is based on two reasons. A website requires work on your part, you have to search for the site itself, and once there you have to go through the task of finding the info you want! Oh the pain. Once you find the info you want you wonder to yourself, is this correct, it must be? Is the website updated often? After you’ve gone through all this, you probably also realize this has been a very anti social method, no contact with a real person, it’s not very reassuring after all. The brilliant part of social media is that for one, its easy to tweet a question, two, you save yourself wandering around a website, third, you receive an official answer to your question, very reassuring!

Social Media- Wikipedia for the 21st century.

A picture of one of interactions with west jet as I plan another trip!



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