Google to spend up to half a billion dollars to advertise ‘Moto X’ Android phone

This could go two ways I think?
1) Google is getting a lot of free press from announcing the budget for the Moto X. All eyes will be on Google and Motorola as they unleash this product, because of all the hype on the money being spent on it. $500 Million is an insane amount, is it possible it’s a fib as well? Either way it’s getting talked about and new will spread quickly about this “Superphone” but will that turn into sales?
2) The amount being spent on marketing this product will only go as far as the product itself. If the Moto X really is the best phone to date than it’ll be a huge success. If it doesn’t all eyes will again be on google to say perhaps all that money put into marketing could of been used to better the software within the device itself?

Either way, only time will tell!


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